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Hilary Knight's Sketchbook for Vanity Fair



Hilary Knight sketches Vanessa Hudgens inGigi

Alex Beggs for Vanity Fair April 10, 2015

The High School Musical star channels Audrey Hepburn in Gigi on Broadway.


Eloise illustrator and the star of the new HBO documentary It’s Me, Hilary, artist Hilary Knight went to the final dress rehearsal of Gigi and sketched Hudgens in her beautiful costumes designed by Tony winner Catherine Zuber (Zuber is also behind the grand costumes in The King and I). Left, see Hudgens’s young Gigi high-fiving her older, wiser self in her glamorous, showstopping gown.

When Girls Met Eloise

Amy Adams for Vanity Fair February 5, 2015

When renowned illustrator Hilary Knight heard that Lena Dunham had tattooed his most famous character, rambunctious six-year-old Eloise, onto her backside, he sent Dunham a signed set of the beloved Eloise children’s books. Dunham replied with an invitation to visit the cast and crew on the set of her award-winning show. Here, a look into the filming of the third season of HBO’s Girls, through the eyes of Hilary Knight.

Hilary Knight Explores the Hamptons

Vanity Fair September 2011

Whether it’s mere pop-ups or more established galleries like the Drawing Room, the Hamptons are scene is thriving from bottom to top.


But if you are looking to begin an amateur art career, look no further than East Hampton’s Golden Eagle.  There, tubes of Eric Fischl’s favorite Old Masters cerulean blue light can be bought alongside a box of Scupley for the kids. 

Hilary Knight's Broadway: Parties from Heaven

Vanity Fair June 2011

With theater-awards season in full swing, our esteemed Man on Broadway, Hilary Knight, imagines how some of the theater’s finest may choose to celebrate their nominations (and a couple of wins).

Hilary Knight's Broadway: Lady Macbeth's Lineage

Vanity Fair June 2011

Illustrator Hilary Knight continues his tour of Broadway with sketches of a tall tale behind Tamara and two provocative scenes from Sleep No More.

Hilary Knight's Broadway: This Knight's Tale

Vanity Fair April 2011

Illustrator Hilary Knight returns to Broadway to enjoy the leggy ladies of Born Yesterday, observe the denizens of Times Square’s TKTS island in their native habitat, and witness the head-on collision between the worlds of Mormon and Priscilla.

Hilary Knight's Broadway: Pony Shows, Etc.

Vanity Fair April 2011

In the first of a series of Broadway excursions, Hilary Knight (the esteemed illustrator of Eloise) imagines the unique craft services enjoyed by the War Horsecast and crew, visits Daniel Radcliffe’s stage door cum stable, and grants us an insider’s peek as Blue Man Group prepares for their 20th anniversary.

Hilary Knight Sketches the Triumphant Return of Grace Jones

Vanity Fair July 2009

Hilary Knight, illustrator of the Eloise series and a Vanity Fair contributing editor, recreates Grace Jones’ 2009 performance from the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan.

Hilary Knight Around Town

Vanity Fair November 2009

The illustrious illustrator of Eloise has lived in Manhattan since 1932, which means that he has dined out approximately 28,000 times in his lifetime. That kind of experience teaches you a thing or two about eating and drinking establishments, so join Hilary Knight on a virtual walking tour of six New York classics.

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