Olive and Oliver: The Formative Years

Coming 2019

Knight, who makes his graphic novel debut with Olive & Oliver, noted that the Candide-esque story “might look like a children’s book, but it’s not. It’s written for adults by my brother’s daughters, who are now grown women. They are identical twins, but they could not be more different. The novel is going to be based on reality – with some fantasy thrown in.”

Hilary Knight: Drawn from Life

Coming Spring 2018

Hilary Knight’s memoir, which is aimed at adult readers, will trace his life from childhood through his years as an artist living in Manhattan and bringing Eloise to life, to the present day. The autobiography will be illustrated with photographs and new and existing art by Knight, including pieces he created for the theater and never-before-published images.


The Eloise character grew out of the voice of a precocious six-year-old that Miss Thompson put on to amuse her friends. Collaborating with Hilary Knight on what was an immediate bestseller, Kay Thompson became a literary sensation when Eloise was published in 1955. The book has sold more than two million copies to date. Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight created four more Eloise books, Eloise in Paris, Eloise at Christmas, Eloise in Moscow, and Eloise Takes a Bawth.

The Circus is Coming

Step right up and see the dazzling displays and sensational sights of the brightest circus parade ever. From the golden calliope wagon to the proud pachyderms, each page of detailed delights will keep readers rapt. A treat for both young and old; no one will want to miss the clowns in cars and penguins in pools; ferocious felines and aerial artistry—everything that's marvelous and magical about the legendary big top! So get yourself some peanuts and cotton candy and settle in for the greatest parade on earth. 

First published in 1978 and unavailable for decades, Hilary Knight's stunning picture book has been reprinted from the original art, and includes a beautiful new salute to South America.

The Owl and the Pussycat

The irresistible blend of romance and nonsense in Edward Lear's "The Owl and the Pussy-cat" has made it a classic enjoyed by generations of young listeners. Now celebrated artist Hilary Knight wraps Lear's beloved verse in a richly imagined fantasy where two young listeners find themselves magically transformed and transported to the land where the Bong-tree grows.


Come sail away with them.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

In this playful companion to Hilary Knight's The Owl and the Pussy-cat the presents never stop. When Bedelia Bear is faced with an accumulation of holiday offerings from her sweetheart, Benjamin, she turns her gifts into a very special event that everyone is able to share.

Where's Wallace

Everyone flocks to see that outrageous orangutan. But all he wants to see is the world beyond the zoo. So whenever his keeper, Mr. Frumbee, leaves his cage open the tiniest bit, Wallace takes off on an adventure -- to the department store, the museum, or even the beach.


So it's up to Mr. Frumbee -- with a little help from you -- to find that errant ape within the nine action-packed, full-color panoramas. (And while you're at it, Wallace has six friends who tag along on each of those adventures. Can you figure out who they are and find them in each spread? Here's a hint: Check out the totem pole in the Nature Museum.)


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