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Eloise at the Museum

Exhibition Premier at the Eric Carle Museum

February 11, 2017


Despite the winter weather, the exhibition at the Eric Carle Museum was a triumph; the artwork was beautiful, looking its absolute best in plain blond-wood frames and generous matting. People were engrossed in every sketch, especially the Moscow pieces, which stole the show.


The 1956 portrait of Eloise was there and it attracted many an admirer. 

Eric Carle Museum
Visitors at the Knight Exhibition
Hilary Knights sketches
Shadow Figures
Eloise and an Admirer

June 30 to October 9, 2017


“Eloise at the Museum”

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April 25 to September 1, 2017

40 Lincoln Plaza (Broadway bet 63rd & 65th Streets)

“Hilary Knight's Stage-Struck World” focuses on the artist's work in the performing arts.

New York Public Library for

Performing Arts Hosts Exhibit

Hilary Knight, the well known and honored illustrator, will have a special exhibition: "Hilary Knight's Stage Struck World" beginning April 25th at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, 40 Lincoln Plaza (Broadway bet 63rd & 65th Streets). This extraordinary exhibit includes some of his original artwork for Broadway, posters, costume and set designs for performances and revues, illustrations for Vanity Fair magazine (he is a contributing editor), books, albums, as well as some of his most recent work - three-dimensional portraits in stage-like settings, preliminary studies for those, and some unpublished works. He is known world-wide as the illustrator of the American classic Eloise. Hilary Knight's Stage-Struck World is made possible by the generous support of Terry Allen Kramer.

Eric Carle Museum

February 12 - June 4, 2017


"It’s Me, Eloise: The Voice of Kay Thompson and the Art of Hilary Knight"

More than 60 years after her debut, Eloise remains a six-year-old star. What accounts for her enduring appeal? Perhaps it is her sly face transfigured with successful sin, that endearing potbelly, or the extravagant world in which she lives. Whatever her magic, Eloise’s charm comes down to two things: that audacious voice and those filigree illustrations. The voice was cabaret star Kay Thompson’s, a comic riff with which she amused her friends. The pictures came from the pen of a young artist, Hilary Knight. Their unlikely collaboration was the alchemical formula from which the successful Eloise series was born.


It’s Me, Eloise: The Voice of Kay Thompson and the Art of Hilary Knight includes more than 90 artworks from the Eloise collaborations—as well as art from the rest of Knight’s prodigious career as a children’s book artist, poster artist, magazine illustrator, and painter. Never before-seen artwork from Knight’s archive include his 1954 trial drawings for the first Eloise book, two Eloise In Paris sketchbooks, a Hollywood notebook with a double-page spread of Thompson belting out “Think Pink!” from Funny Face, a magnificent suite of final art from Eloise In Moscow, and the 1993 Eloise watercolor for New York Is Book Country. There’s a kicker, too: for the first time since its infamous disappearance from the Plaza Hotel in 1960, Knight’s original 1956 Eloise portrait will be on public display.


This exhibition has been generously supported by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, the Walton Family Foundation, Brenda Bowen and Michael Smith, and an anonymous donor.

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