Rizzoli Bookstore and Simon & Schuster celebrated the 60th anniversary of "Eloise" with a conversation between "Eloise" illustrator Hilary Knight and three-time Tony winner Bernadette Peters, who can be heard narrating the new "Eloise" audiobooks.

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Hilary Knight Celebrates Eloise’s 60th

In March, HBO released “It’s Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise,” a documentary in which Hilary Knight, illustrator of the Eloise books, reflected on his life as an artist and his connection to the immensely popular series, which was written by Kay Thompson, a singer, actress, and writer. During a visit to Mr. Knight’s house in East Hampton, on a shy acre that feels much larger and a world away from the bustle of the Hamptons in summer, the courtly 88-year-old told a visitor, “What is so interesting is that anybody who looked at that documentary would come away with the feeling that my life is more or less over. But it has truly just begun.” November will mark the 60th birthday of “Eloise”

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