Rizzoli Bookstore and Simon & Schuster celebrated the 60th anniversary of "Eloise" with a conversation between "Eloise" illustrator Hilary Knight and three-time Tony winner Bernadette Peters, who can be heard narrating the new "Eloise" audiobooks.

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Last Minute Summer Fun for Kids and Families in NYC

It's still a rawther good time to scamper over to the New-York Historical Society to see the “Eloise” exhibit, based, of course, on the iconic 6-year-old heroine who lived in the Plaza Hotel. (The fabulous picture books, written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight, were first published in the 1950s.) More than 75 objects are on view, from original manuscript pages to vintage dolls. Don’t miss the portrait that was once stolen from the Plaza. Family activities throughout its run complement the exhibit. Long live Weenie and Skiperdee! Runs through Oct. 9. New-York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West, nyhistory.org

6-Year-Old Troublemaker Continues to Delight, 60 Years Later

This unpublished illustration by Hilary Knight features Eloise slumped in a chair in the Plaza's enormous, opulent lobby. (Collection of Hilary Knight, © Kay Thompson) NEW YORK —Sixty years after she captured America's heart, six-year-old Eloise is still making trouble at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Eloise is the central character in a series of beloved children’s books, written in the 1950s by Kay Thompson, who died in 1998, and illustrated by Hilary Knight, who’s very much alive at 90. Left: Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight on the set of Funny Face, 1956. Thompson, who at various points in her life was a radio personality, a vocal arranger at MGM, and a popular cabaret performer, amuse

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