Rizzoli Bookstore and Simon & Schuster celebrated the 60th anniversary of "Eloise" with a conversation between "Eloise" illustrator Hilary Knight and three-time Tony winner Bernadette Peters, who can be heard narrating the new "Eloise" audiobooks.

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Fiction That Made Me A Feminist

A chronology of books from childhood to the present. I’ve been a bookworm since I can remember. But whether I was naturally attracted to novels that reflected my latent feminism, or the books I happened to read helped shape the values I have today, here is a chronology of the books—from Eloise to Jane Eyre—that have inspired my strong sense of girl power. Eloise is a little girl living the dream at The Plaza Hotel in New York City with her nanny, her dog Weenie and her turtle Skipperdee. She is not yet pretty but she is already a Person and she is interested in people when they are not boring. For a precocious girl like myself, little Eloise’s glamorous life, her “personhood” and her opinion

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